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Our Service

AMBCO calibrates and/or repairs all makes/models of audiometers and returns them to our customers as quickly as possible. We also respond to all calls within 24 hours.

Our Audiometers

AMBCO offers state of the
art audiometers, ranging from your bare basic analog audiometer to your advanced digital automatic audiometer, along with two packages of amazing value. Additional accessories are also available. Click here for our audiometers

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AMBCO Audiometers

Since 1941, AMBCO has offered state of the art audiometers, ranging from your bare basic analog audiometer to your advanced digital automatic audiometer, unparalleled service, affordable pricing and the FIRST in the industry to offer its valued customers a

Additional Audiometers & Packages
1000 Package
Model 1000+ with Printer

Manual or Automatic test with printed hard copy. Suitable for all practices.
Click Here for Details
650A Audiometer
650AB Audiometer
1000 package
1000+ Audiometer
1000+ W/Printer
2500 Package
2500 Package

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Hearing Assessment
Individuals throughout their lives have their hearing assessed on the basis of self-referral, family/caregiver referral, failure of an audiologic screening, follow-up to previous audiologic assessment, case history for risk indicators, or referral from other professionals. Read more...

American Hearing Research Foundation
Hearing testing is a means of evaluating an individual's overall hearing function. The tests are used to determine if there is something wrong with the hearing (auditory) portion of the inner ear. They are often used as an initial screening to decide...Read more

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